Why did you want to get into the automotive industry in the first place?

From a young age I always knew that being in an active and hands on role was for me. I’ve always had a desire to understand how things work and cars in particular.

Tell us about the application process.

The application process was simple. Well laid out and easy to follow. The recruitment team were very polite, took care in answering my questions and generally putting my mind at ease right the way through.

Ahead of my interview with the dealer I ensured that I prepared properly, and I would encourage anyone else who applies to do the same. I researched the company and role, and made sure that I was well presented, ensuring that I arrived for the interview with plenty of time to spare.

I believe I was the last person to be interviewed that day, and I heard back the following day! I was so pleased!

What were your first thoughts when you arrived at the academy for the first time?

The centre was great. The training was well prepared and organised. There’s such a wide variety of equipment and facilities. It’s a safe and supportive environment.

The trainers are very helpful and provide a great level of support, regularly raising questions about your wellbeing and work back at the dealership.

What about your learning outside of the training centre?

The coursework is very thorough and detailed. It is all digital so easily stored and accessible via a laptop and phone.

In my dealership the team were very welcoming and have given me a great level of support and guidance.

Have you found any aspect of the programme especially challenging?

Some aspects of the electrical courses were tricky. However, if I’m unsure about anything the trainers are happy to go over it again so that I can develop a better understanding.

Would you recommend this apprenticeship to others?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship to someone with similar enthusiasm for the automotive industry. It’s great to combine something I enjoy with my career.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to progress in my current role and perhaps into a management at some stage in the future.