With our training programmes, we want to ensure that all apprentices have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We want to ensure that all learners, regardless of their needs, can complete their learning process. Apprentices are supported to ensure they can develop their skills and knowledge by recognising their abilities, strengths and values to enable them to learn and progress.

How can we help...

  • Our programmes always consider the needs of trainees with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), which impact on their ability to progress and develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Trainers, coaches and support teams are made aware of what is most appropriate for different groups of apprentices, including those with a variety of special educational needs
  • Trainers, coaches, support teams and managers have access to training and we ensure that further training is provided as required
  • The Welfare Support Coordinator is aware of the guidance, research and support available from organisations specialising in SEND and signposts to the most relevant support available
  • Trainers, supervisors, support teams and managers are aware of trainees’ learning needs through discussions about apprentices’ individual requirements
  • Trainers, coaches and support teams are aware of their responsibility to ensure access and appropriate differentiation for trainees and refer trainees who require support outside of our provision
  • Trainers, coaches and support teams act on the information they receive about individual trainees and refer them to the Welfare Coordinator
  • Additional specialist advice and support is provided by specialist organisations and local regional support
  • Trainers, supervisors and support teams work with the Welfare Coordinator to develop strategies to support the individual needs of apprentices
  • Calex is always keen to make staff aware of new and wider guidance on a variety of developments in SEND

How we provide support...

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Calex training teams always strive to provide the best opportunities for apprentices to flourish and develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours. We may need to work beyond the elements listed above and are always looking for new ways to improve delivery. Specific support outside of these elements may be sourced locally to further support development.

Any SEND needs can be discussed by sending a message to our Welfare and Support Coordinator: support@calexuk.com