Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

Our ambitions are underpinned by our ability to identify and recruit talented people to become the next generation of professional retail employees. Our Apprenticeship Programme is the platform for developing new enthusiastic recruits to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.

We seek to ensure that our workforce properly reflects the society it serves and take action to attract Apprentices from increasingly diverse backgrounds into the profession. In this way we can benefit from the diversity of thought, innovation and creativity.

The Performance Academy are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, taking all reasonable steps to encourage and identify the best talent and to creating an inclusive working environment where all staff are assisted and encouraged to reach full potential. In this way we have set the following objectives to improve inclusion, equality and diversity:

To communicate our commitment to equality and inclusion principles and practices

To take action to increase diversity within our Apprenticeship Programme

To monitor and measure our progress

To promote the highest standards of professionalism, fairness and respect towards all applicants

The best employers understand that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace can deliver business benefits, enabling us to bridge skill gaps and harness the talents of all employees. The Apprenticeship Recruitment & Selection Team make every effort to ensure that we are attracting and identifying the best talent for each retailer that we work with.

For more information, please speak with the team at any time during the recruitment process.